A wedding is so much more than an event; It's a story that marks the birth of a new family, the beginning of a legacy. 

Inspired by the thought that no two couples, weddings or stories are the same, we are always searching for the distinct, delicate moments that highlight each couples unique relationship. We approach every wedding with an eagerness to create something that will immerse our couples into the experiences and moments of their celebration. A true reflection of the atmosphere and emotion of their day. 

Capturing tangible memories we are dedicated to producing visually unique and honest films that will stand the test of time.

Wedding Film Collection starting at $3500 

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We are Kiefer and Amy and we are the co-founders of Chapman Films.

Sharing the same vision, passion and love for what we do, and working seamlessly and complementarily together for the last 4 years and easily over 200 weddings later, we decided to combine our skills and experience and turn our dream into a reality. Taking a chance and leaping into the unknown we decided to leave our jobs and peruse our passion, establishing Chapman Films back in late 2015.

Inspired by cinematography and storytelling, we decided early on we wanted to create something unique, cinematic and more immersive than the traditional wedding video, even if that meant taking a risk and going against the tide of the industry. We like to keep things simple and our approach to weddings is no different. We love focusing on the people, the places, the feel and the atmosphere of your day and capture it all as it unfolds naturally.  

Lovers of capturing raw, candid emotion, we love nothing more than creating genuine connections with our couples and its this trust which allows us to keep our films raw, honest and meaningful.

No special effects or cheese, just real stories and sincere emotions.

– Kiefer & Amy