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Our Approach

Inspired by photography, film and storytelling, we decided early on that we wanted to construct our films to be unique, cinematic and more immersive than the traditional wedding video, even if that meant taking a risk and going against the trends of the wedding industry.

We like to keep things simple, clean and timeless, and our approach to our work is no different. We don’t follow trends or a “cookie cutter” processes as we want our films to be watchable in 10, 20, 30+ years time.

We draw our inspiration from cinema and photography techniques, using good composition, lighting and depth in order to achieve the overall looks of our films, however our focus is always on the people, the places and capturing the atmosphere of your day. The story of the couple is always at the heart of what we do.

Weddings are full of moments and emotion; we take a minimal equipment, minimal distraction and journalistic approach in order to capture these moments. We aren’t into special effects or cheesy fake shots, instead we just allow the day to unfold naturally, and focus on capturing those raw, real and genuine connections. Those moments your mum and dad see you in your dress for the first time, or yours soon to be husband laughing through those uncontrollable tears as you walk down the aisle, these are the moments you’ll treasure forever!

Our films are carefully constructed using up to 10 hours of wedding day footage, capturing all the key moments from the day. We use the ceremony and reception speeches, paired with carefully selected key moments, in order to create a film that is unique to you.


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We only accept an exclusive number of weddings per year in order to provide our clients the very best of our services. We would love to hear all about you and your wedding. 

Based in Perth, Western Australia, we are available for local and international travel.

Collections Starting from $3500

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